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Newsletter Terms and Conditions

The website respects the privacy of all visitors and users of this website and undertakes to protect personal information if the visitor / user decides to share it. Some sections and / or functionalities of this website can be accessed without recourse to the disclosure of any personal information by the visitor.

However, when it is necessary to collect personal information to provide services or when each visitor decides to provide some of their personal data, the use of that information and those data will be carried out in compliance with the General Regulation of Data Protection (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016) in order to ensure the confidentiality and security of the personal data provided.


These General Conditions are intended, along with the registration form, to regulate the terms and conditions by which the disclosure of information on the website will be governed, whose respective website is the property and responsibility of Cássia Rodrigues, tax payer No […] being hereinafter referred to as “Cássia Camirim”.

The provision of personal data is optional and will always be guaranteed, under the terms of the law, the right to access, rectify and cancel any data provided, and that right may be exercised in person or in writing, directly to the address on the homepage of the website.

1. Use of «Personal Data»
1.1 When using this portal, the User must be aware of the following provisions, since he is requested to previously provide 'Cássia Camirim' with certain personal data that will be referred to below as “Personal Data”.
1.2. This Personal Data protection policy applies to all personal information electronically collected and stored by 'Cássia Camirim' through the form available on this website for voluntary completion.
1.3 Personal Data may belong to the User or to Third Parties who have somehow authorized the User to use them. The User is solely responsible for obtaining the consent of Third Party Data Holders, who are not subject to him.
1.4 'Cássia Camirim' guarantees the safeguarding of the right to protection of all personal data, pursuant to the provisions of Law No. 67/98, of October 26 (Personal Data Protection Law), which are provided voluntarily by its Holder, User of this portal, and whose treatment is unequivocally authorized by this, being treated by 'Cássia Camirim' in a confidential and exclusive manner, under the terms of the national and community legislation in force, through employees or representatives duly authorized for the It is made.
1.5 'Cássia Camirim' applies appropriate technical and organizational security measures, consistent with national and international information practices, to protect your personal information. These measures include the portal and the online technology it requires, administrative, technical, physical and organizational measures to protect personal data from misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure, loss, alteration or destruction.

2. The collection and use of Personal Data and other personal information
2.1 The User provides his Personal Data or other information in various ways, if he so wishes, proposing to 'Cássia Camirim' to identify which fields must be filled in, essential for the correct use of the intended functionality, with the data being collected by 'Cássia Camirim' for contact purposes, namely: Name, Email, Telephone, Subject, Message.
2.2 The data provided will be used to provide information and are intended to be processed by an employee to provide information.
2.3 In the forms in which the User is transferring his data, the data of which he is the sole and exclusive Holder, the User gives his express authorization for the use of the data when he selects the respective check-box: “I authorize the use of the data provided under the terms defined herein and for the purposes set out above and that I am legally and legitimately authorized to assign them on behalf of their owner.”

3. Owner's consent
3.1. The User and Data Holder authorize 'Cássia Camirim':
a) Collect additional personal data from public bodies, specialized companies and other private entities, to confirm or complete the elements collected necessary for the management of the contractual relationship;
3.2. The data transmitted to 'Cássia Camirim' is incorporated and treated in a file under its responsibility, with the sole purpose of managing the service requested by the customer, in order to comply with the applicable legal requirements.
3.3 The User authorizes the processing of said data and accepts access to them by 'Cássia Camirim' Collaborators who carry out any of the activities necessary for the provision and promotion of the service.
3.4. The User is free to provide or not the requested information (which does not constitute a legal obligation) and to authorize or not its treatment, when submitting a duly completed form.
3.5. The User accepts that by not providing all the requested information, he/she may not be able to function correctly in some present and/or future functionalities on the portal, as well as the effectiveness of a subsequent sending, computer processing, query or contact.
3.6. The User/Data Holder has the right to withdraw their consent at any time, not compromising, in this case, the lawfulness of the treatment carried out based on the previously given consent.

4. Assignment of Personal Data
4.1. Data may be provided to judicial or administrative authorities, provided that in compliance with a legal obligation incumbent upon 'Cássia Camirim'.
4.2. 'Cássia Camirim' will not sell its user database to third parties.

5. Rights of Data Subjects
5.1 The Data Holder may, at any time, exercise the rights of access, rectification, erasure, limitation of treatment and right of portability of his Personal Data. 
5.2. Whenever the User has to provide data from Third Parties, he is obliged to inform them about what is indicated in the previous paragraph and obtain their consent, before transmitting the same to 'Cássia Camirim'.
5.3. As a recipient of communications within the scope of direct marketing, namely email marketing, the User or Holder of the Personal Data used for this purpose may deactivate the sending of these same promotional communications through the “deactivate/unsubscribe” option, available in each of the communications sent. .

6. Database and marketing
6.1. 'Cássia Camirim' is authorized by the User to use the data provided in the registration process on this portal for communication, promotional and marketing purposes, by sending information about products and services that may be of interest to the user, through various communication channels, namely: email.
6.2. As a recipient of communications within the scope of direct marketing actions, namely email marketing, the user may deactivate the sending of these same promotional communications through the “deactivate/unsubscribe” option, available in each of the communications sent.

7. Obligations of entities involved in data processing
7.1 Each of the entities involved in the processing of your data is obliged to comply with the applicable legislation on data protection, in particular with regard to the security and confidentiality of your treatment.
7.2. Persons responsible for processing Personal Data, as well as persons who, in the exercise of their functions, are aware of them are bound by professional secrecy, under the terms of the law.

8. Declaration on knowledge of the use of sensitive and non-sensitive data collected and respective consent
8.1 The User, knowing that 'Cássia Camirim' declares that it will collect and process Personal Data, acknowledges that by ticking the check-box “I read and accept the Privacy Policy. I authorize Cássia Rodrigues to collect my name and email and send me her Newsletter.” certifies that the information you provide is correct and true, that you intend to submit the requested data, so you expressly authorize the use of your Data by 'Cássia Camirim', exclusively for the purposes and purpose of the form you filled out, taking into account that:
a) The User authorizes the processing of said data and accepts access to them by 'Cássia Camirim' Collaborators who carry out any of the activities necessary for the provision of the service, upon electronic acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, which include the authorization of the Holder of the data for the collection and processing of your Personal Data;
b) The information will only be used to evaluate your request and in the context of any procedures related to the respective form.
c) The application software of the information database, which stores the data you provide, protects your personal data in accordance with the applicable legislation.
d) It may be necessary to withhold information provided before you have revoked your consent for the sole purpose established herein, for the procedure in this form.

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