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Breathwork (circular breathing), Yoga, Meditation, interpretation

of the unconscious through symbology, dreams, Tarot and I-Ching

with Cássia Rodrigues and Horácio Vilela

From September 21 to 24, 2023 

Punta de Couso, Pontevedra, Spain

We are reopening a circle of celebration and practice during the equinox period, this time in the opposite movement of solar ascent and the onset of Spring. An invitation to immerse ourselves in the forces of nature's expansion and to align our minds in counterbalance. Bringing focus and economy to our intentions, so that later we may also bear fruit.

We disconnect from our routines, habits, and patterns, setting aside our phones and other distractions that tie us to who knows where or what. It's time to be, to feel, and, if we so wish, to dive deeply, to explore our body and mind as a whole.

During these days, we focus on revitalization, strengthening our immune system, and fostering our disposition to flourish. We empower the body and mind with daily breathing and movement practices, opening ourselves to the messages of the soul and creating space for transformation.

Specific activities include: pranayama and circular breathing, yoga (hatha and yin), meditation, and ayurveda (tips and self-care tools for healthy daily routines).


There will also be psychospiritual support, both in group settings and individually, focused on interpreting visionary content (dreams, visions, fantasies, etc.), for better integration and guidance of the experiences lived during the retreat.

Freedom, silence, contemplation of nature, and swims or walks on the beach are (as usual) very much welcomed!


During these days, we will form a circle, a safe space where together we learn the art and power of breathing, where we awaken to symbolic life, and are invited to love!

​Cássia e Horácio


3 nights in a magical place
Daily Yoga and Meditation 
Pranayama and Breathwork (Circular Breathing) 
Ayurveda Tips - Cassia
Individual consultations for the interpretation of visionary contents 
movement and liberation
Vegetarian food 3 meals a day 
Yoga room embraced by the forest and sea 
Sound Journey - Concerto 



Punta de Couso, Vilanova - Hio, 36948

Cangas de Morrazo, Pontevedra, Spain

The retreat will take place in a beautiful location located in the north of Spain, surrounded by the sea, in the middle of nature.


If you don't have a car, let me know so we can combine rides, it would be good if we could share the cars

so that the impact of C02 is minimized.



Double Room - 460€
Early bird -390€ (until March 1)


3 nights accommodation

All meals, healthy vegan and vegetarian food

Daily Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama

Breathwork session 


Special evening activities, sense journeys, individual consultations, nature walks, 

Does not include:



Meals outside the retreat


50% upon sending proof of payment by email

10% discount for participants of the previous edition.

Cancellation policy:

The 50% paid on booking is non-refundable in case of cancellation up to 15 days before the start date.


Registration and info:


'I invite you to disconnect from outside, giving space to your inner world, allowing you to release and open up for transformation in a safe and beautiful place.'




+ 351 918 641 198



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