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​Cássia Rodrigues
Yoga Teacher and Therapist

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I live life through dreams that become my story and unfold in various parts of me.

I have traveled through a few countries in search of ancestral and folkloric knowledge.  
In 2010 I moved to India where I immersed myself in the Veda universe that fascinates and moves me. I was fortunate to have contact with several Yoga and Ayurveda masters, which allowed me to observe, learn and grow in this field. I traveled to Asia and America where I had the pleasure to enrich myself with training in massage and holistic therapies (Sound Healing, Crystal Healing, Thai Massage, Reiki I and II, Ayurveda). In my travels through Israel, Brazil, Hungary and Portugal I deepened my connection with mother water and her infinite healing properties, doing several trainings in water therapies.

In Hatha Yoga, I built the foundation for these classes with trainings done in India and more than 17 years of practice that I transmit in a holistic way, with all its tools, in individual and group classes.


With Ayurveda, I have deepened my knowledge of intuitive healing, which encompasses all the knowledge I have learned in the last 11 years. I work the benefits of this ancient science and its ability to heal lives through massages, consultations and mentoring.

My main focus is on mentoring individual and group retreats, as well as Breathwork sessions of inner search, connection and balance through the unity of body and spirit mind and movement.

I learn and grow with each soul and body that comes to me, through yoga classes, therapies, consultations, retreats and life's magical encounters.

I live in continuous study of each of the arts that I am passionate about and those that I will still be passionate about.

Forever a daughter/woman of nature and lover of its gifts and mysteries. I intend, through my work, to bring the teachings of love and healing to each one who comes to me.

Water Therapies (Liquid Cosmos and Fly Deeper) make me feel at home, back in the womb of life, the healing and reconnecting power of water, where there is a safe space for magic to happen. These are massages done by water with the support of hands, heart, and listening.


Breathwork/Circular Breathing, my ultimate deep delivery. The power of breath, the transformation, somatic release that happens when the breath is guided and conscious. Faith and trust in the ancient wisdom and memory of the body and its guidance. A tool that made us live, our first breath and our last that will take us, there is so much in the air, prana, body and memories.

Collective projects

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Prison Yoga Project 


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Prevention Lab


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Prevention Lab


Vitória Sport Clube


Asupport the projectHERE

About Camirim

It was spelled out to me while I was sleeping...

It was thus given to me in the form of a divine gift during a dream.

It was like this and it had to be like this to remind me of the magic in everything in my path.

CAMIRIM is a dream come true. It was born as a request to the internal and superior forces that accompany me to find a name for the project where, from now on, I bring together the work of therapies, Yoga classes and Ayurveda mentorships and retreats, which I have been developing over the last 10 years with everyone who comes to me. It took me a few months to get an answer regarding the name that arrived in the form of a dream and where I could visualize one letter at a time: CAMIRIM.

The next day, during a morning conversation, I remembered and said out loud: “CAMIRIM, I dreamed!”


CAMIRIM is a Tupi-Guarani word (linguistic family that encompasses several indigenous languages of South America) that means bush, plant or bush in growth. 

There were no doubts. CAMIRIM. It was exactly how I felt at this stage of my life. After yet another internal death, it was growing. I knew that my being was growing but I still didn't quite know what plant I would be. I don't know if I'll ever know. Maybe it's always this free, wild plant, constantly growing and expanding.


The plant I have in my hand is a boldo, a plant that was given to me from a very early age by my teacher-mother, who I plant (always on the same foot) in all the houses I live in and which has accompanied me in various cycles of my existence. It is a plant that teaches me a lot about life and about myself. It's extremely resilient, grows wherever I've planted it, and thrives even when I forget to tend to it. It is a plant that heals and teaches, always, and that during its history traveled from India to Brazil, just like me. Through her I represent my love for nature and its infinite healing power.

In CAMIRIM the damselfly still lives, the animal that always made my soul and my mother's one and that represents all the animals that live inside and outside my being, that teach me so much. The damselfly is a symbol of the constant transformation that I propose and that I guide everyone who comes to me in my work. The dragonfly is a symbol of water, an element of the fluidity of reflection (because she sees her reflection in the water), of flight, liberation, expansion and metamorphosis.


I feel huge, blessed and very grateful with the whole process of gestation and delivery of this project. I have open arms for everyone who wants CAMIRIM to accompany them and lead them to find balance tools, for a path full of love, light and peace.

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