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​Cássia Rodrigues
Yoga Teacher and Therapist

In Hatha Yoga, I built the foundation for these classes with trainings done in India and more than 17 years of practice that I transmit in a holistic way, with all its tools, in individual and group classes.


With Ayurveda, I have deepened my knowledge of intuitive healing, which encompasses all the knowledge I have learned in the last 11 years. I work the benefits of this ancient science and its ability to heal lives through massages, consultations and mentoring.

My main focus is on mentoring individual and group retreats, as well as Breathwork sessions of inner search, connection and balance through the unity of body and spirit mind and movement.

I learn and grow with each soul and body that comes to me, through yoga classes, therapies, consultations, retreats and life's magical encounters.

I live in continuous study of each of the arts that I am passionate about and those that I will still be passionate about.

Forever a daughter/woman of nature and lover of its gifts and mysteries. I intend, through my work, to bring the teachings of love and healing to each one who comes to me.

Water Therapies (Liquid Cosmos and Fly Deeper) make me feel at home, back in the womb of life, the healing and reconnecting power of water, where there is a safe space for magic to happen. These are massages done by water with the support of hands, heart, and listening.


Breathwork/Circular Breathing, my ultimate deep delivery. The power of breath, the transformation, somatic release that happens when the breath is guided and conscious. Faith and trust in the ancient wisdom and memory of the body and its guidance. A tool that made us live, our first breath and our last that will take us, there is so much in the air, prana, body and memories.



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