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Circular 6 months Journey

Colares, Sintra

I invite you to join us in this semester journey where we will connect hearts and breaths in a circle, placing intentions at each meeting. These sessions will last approximately 2 to 3 hours, inviting us to surrender the profound power of breathwork – Connected Circular Breathing. It requires commitment and some willingness to dive deep.


Subsequently, we will gently anchor ourselves, reconnecting to our body and embracing the sound-voice-body. Rooting in different ways as we go. The orientation of this session is based on sincere presence and humility. Although I am in full presence and support, it is the wisdom of your body that guides the journey. A call to innate inner wisdom. This is the first circular with the invitation to create a secure biannual group, where we can together remove and integrate layers.



It will be one circular per month where you can come to the 6 or whatever you feel. There will be a group of sharing and exercises to do in our individual spaces and rhythms.

The invitation is to continue the journey together, but you will be able to join the sessions that you can and feel.

The local community will have a special price (if you live in Sintra/necklaces) the session will be stopover - between 15€ and 30€ paid for what you can and feel.

6 sessions - 120€

Registration required, places limited



+ 351 918 641 198



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